Tuesday, September 27, 2011


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Kinga Rajzak walking for Proenza Schouler SS12 (catwalking.com)
The Milan shows have only confirmed what London and New York majorly hinted at: if you want to be on trend next Summer, you're going to have to get your abs out. And for that you need to be at the very least fat free, or at the most ripped.  Our abs poster girl is Kinga Rajzak, who stole the show at Proenza Schouler with her aspirational midriff flashing and have you seen her muscle tone? Kinga's agent informs us that, contrary to appearences, the ab queen doesn't moonlight as an olympic athlete but is a gym bunny and yoga lover.

Dolce Gabbana SS12 (catwalking.com)

Dolce Gabbana SS12 (catwalking.com) 

Antonio Marras SS12 (catwalking.com)

In my own personal pursuit of midriff perfection, I have become a devotee of 8-minute abs. The video below is surely the secret weapon of fashion editors the world over. And judging by the number of views of the video in its various guises, as much as 10 million in one version, there is a kind of secret abs cult which can only grow as next year's abs reveal grows closer. Yes, it's super cheesy but if it works do we care? I guarantee you will feel completely ripped the next day and, if you manage to avoid all salt, sugar, wheat etc. then you MAY have Kinga abs by Spring.

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