Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large

Ryan McGinley's new book is out now (image from Amazon)
The sun is out and skipping about in just a flimsy thing, or perhaps nothing, seems suddenly possible and exactly what I want to do right now. Well, it would if I were by a waterfall or in  field or on a beach somewhere. Instead I'm sitting at my desk and enjoying these images by Ryan McGinley, who was featured in this weekend's Independent magazine to coincide with the release of his book Ryan McGinley: Whistle for the Wind. His images of carefree cool kids are 'like American Apparel adverts without the brightly coloured clothes or cynicism' says Alice Jones, who interviewed McGinley for the piece. They're also perfect for a day like today when it feels like it might just be the start of summer.

We've put all the images on our tumblr already, but here a few to enjoy right now and maybe listen to this while you look, it's the closest I'll get to living the McGinley life today...

Deep Creek (Hot Springs) 2005
Eric (Glowing) 2004
Tree #1, 2003
All images from The Independent

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