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Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large

You can always trust Liz Jones, the Daily Mail's resident image-obsessed columnist and token cat lady, to come up with a blinder every week or two, but it's usually along the lines of sperm stealing or facelift shockers. Today, she has surpassed herself by donning disco pants. Unless you've been living on Plantet Zog for the past year, you'll know that these are the high-shine, uber tight, £70 American Apparel leggings which every other girl under the age of 25 seems to own. I hasten to add I'm not one of them- I wouldn't put my thighs through the public humiliation. Now Liz is in on the trend, testing them out for her Fashion Therapy column. I'm pretty sure a number of readers will be needing therapy after seeing the picture. Not that Liz looks REALLY bad in them- she's pretty much the shape you really need to be to carry these off (skinny with a good bum and long-legged) but she certainly doesn't fit the demographic which has been owning the trend so far. Jessie J, Solange Knowles and Cher Lloyd are all fans and everyone we see wearing them fits that young girl with a bit of attitude vibe. If they'd been my wardrobe staple for months and I saw the article, I'd be mortified. I'm no ageist but I'm expressing the dilemma we all know when we see someone of a wildly different age to ourselves wearing something we love.

Liz Jones in disco pants in today's Daily Mail 
So what does Liz's decison to wear disco pants in Britain's most read daily paper mean for the trend? Are you going to stop wearing yours? Or perhaps you're a woman of a certain age who hadn't realised that spanxy, shiny leggings were majorly hot right now and now that Liz Jones has worn them, you feel like you can too? Has liberated you and opened your mind to wearing something you didn't think you could?

American Apparel's fresh faced, verging on a bit porny disco pant ads (image from They're £70, from here

The disco pant's usual mode of styling (image from
We've gone on a bit of a mental journey, imagining further milestones in middle-aged women grabbing a trend. We're picturing Nancy Dell'Olio rocking up to various soirees in one of the many colour ways which disco pants come in. Then, the Loose Women will all be sporting them one lunchtime. Next Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall will wear them for the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Not long after that, Donatella Versace might wear them in peacock to take her bow at Versace SS13. Will Helen Mirren and Imelda Staunton perhaps adopt them as alternatives to the usual dress on the red carpet? Finally, Hilary Clinton could wear disco pants while she's on the political campaign trail this Autumn- she already loves a scrunchie which is another American Apparel signature. Is this getting ridiculous?

The original disco pants which Liz age ladies will remember, Grease's Sandy (image from
I'm just interested to see how introducing the disco pant to a whole new audience will play out. Liz's perspective, which uses Olivia Newton-John's Sandy from Grease as visual reference,  gives the disco pant a fresh slant. Although she admits "if you can remember Newton-John’s tacky trousers from the first time around, step away from the disco pant. It’s a look for the very young and long of limb, not the positively geriatric", she actually plants a seed which tells those who do remember that maybe they could relive the disco moment of their youth if they still have the figure. Instead of being worn with brothel creepers or high tops, it'll be heels and pretty tops. From today, the disco pant is no longer just about being part of a certain 2012 rebel girl tribe. And I'm betting that Liz Jones is a million miles from the kind of brand ambassador American Apparel would ever have expected, or wanted, to attract.

Do you own disco pants? Will you carry on wearing them? Are you going to let your Mum/ Auntie/ Grandma borrow them? Are you Liz's age and now thinking perhaps you could pull off disco pants?

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