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Following on from Bethan's post, below, on the physical perfection and athletic prowess of her ten favourite London 2012 male Olympians, I felt it necessary to represent for the girls, especially for those of us who fancy girls (not all of you girl fanciers are lesbians, I know, I know, but admirers) and for the straight guys too. I'll be honest I'm speaking as not only as a girl who fancies girls, but also as someone who appreciates beauty in all its forms, whether it is Durufle's Requiem, a particularly exquisite Chanel Couture show, Kate Moss circa 1995, just about anything blessed with the Fibonacci sequence, and of course, amazingly fit top of their game athletes of either sex.  I haven't seen any other gay girls publicly fessing up to exactly which Olympics events are heavily underlined in their diaries, so I might as well... and if you haven't got them diarised, now is your chance!

1. Victoria Pendleton, Cyclist, TeamGB - competes August 2, 4pm in Team Sprint for TeamGB. August 3, 4pm in Keirin. August 5th, 10.58am in Individual Sprint

(images from 

2. Lolo Jones, Hurdler, TeamUSA, competes August 6th 10.05am, August 7th 19.15 and (hopefully) again in finals at 21.00 


3. Leryn Franco, Javelin Thrower, TeamParaguay, competes 7th August, 10am.


4. Hope Solo, Goalkeeper, TeamUSA women's football, competing again Friday August 3, 2.30pm against New Zealand

(image Nike/Annie Liebowitz)


5. Laure Manadou, Swimmer, TeamFrancaise, competes August 2, 11.30am in 200 metre backstroke final


Darya Klishina, Russian long jumper (sadly, turns out Darya didn't qualify. But she is worth noting for future reference..) 

(image from

Did I miss
 anyone? Suggestions welcome!

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