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Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large

Kate Moss, by Venetia Scott
This could be an interesting week for fashion. After the weekend's flurry of rumour that Christopher Kane would be taking up the Balenciaga post left vacant by Nicolas Ghesquière and his subsequent denial, this lunchtime news came via WWD that Kane was to leave his post designing for Versace's sister line, Versus. Whether Kane goes to Balenciaga or not, this is unlikely to be the last we hear of the shenanigans in the coming days, even if Kane is saying that he is set to devote himself entirely to growing his own brand. On top of all that, US Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington is coming to London in celebration of the publication of her memoirs. In yesterday's Sunday Telegraph, an exclusive extract from the book was published, detailing Coddington's famous and much-examined relationship with Anna Wintour. As well as discussing the chronology of their great partnership, Coddington also offers insight into how US Vogue has changed during Wintour's tenure. She says, "Vogue now incorporates the worlds of art, business, technology, travel, food, celebrity and politics. And this is all largely due to her vision."

Sojourner Morrel by Mel Bles
In fact, where US Vogue has led, others have followed, finding their own unique spin on the potential synergy of all the worlds we can possibly inhabit. Centrefold magazine is one such- rather beautiful- example of this, doing its thing on a niche and exclusive level which means so much in our easily over-saturated world. Where a fashion week snap of Cara Delevingne might get hundreds of retweets, or a shot of Jourdan Dunn on the catwalk will be beamed to websites, newspapers and magazines the world over, Centrefold gives us something properly special. For its latest Issue 8, the publication has teamed up with Storm Models and property developers, Manhattan Loft Corporation. Entitled "20 + 25 = 8", a nod to the respective anniversaries of Manhattan Loft and Storm, this is an absolute must-buy for those among you who would like some more exclusive imagery to cherish of your favourite supermodels, from the utterly fabulous Cindy Crawford to new girls like Cara D.

Fashion and architecture complement one another as we see Sojourner Morrel in a shoot inspired by Manhattan Loft Gardens and Elisa Sednaoui posing at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.  Harry Handelsman, CEO of Manhattan Loft Corporation says, "our buildings are renowned for their incredible style and in this edition of Centrefold where the worlds of fashion, art and design come together our developments are perfectly placed to provide striking urban backdrops for the world’s most famous modelling talent." Meanwhile, Centrefold Editor-in-Chief Andrew G. Hobbs calls his latest issue a "dynamic collision of talent, achievement and creativity". And the cherry on the cake is Kate Moss, arguably Storm's Sarah Doukas's greatest find,  in all her supermodel fabulousness on the front cover. A real keeper.

Get yourself to one of Centrefold's carefully selected stockists to get your hands on the latest issue for £12. Don't forget to visit their brand new website too.

Cara Delevingne by Guy Aroch 
Jourdan Dunn by Scott Trindle

Cindy Crawford by Mark Abrahams

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