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Posted by Bethan Holt, Junior Fashion Editor at Large

*During London Fashion Week, I will be writing for The Daily, the LFW newspaper. Every day here on FEAL we will be posting a version of my Daily story. Today it's all about how editors get dressed for fashion week...

"I do a panic buy the week before shows" confides In Style's Victoria Moss, summing up a very familiar routine. The anticipation of being surrounded by fellow fashion experts, trendsetters and highly preened bloggers is bound to bring out the credit card. While fashion weeks are ostensibly about viewing the new collections on the catwalks, it is now just as imperative that we ramp up our own looks for the occasion rather than letting the designers do all the talking

To make matters somewhat easier, there's a dressing equation to follow in order to subtly impress our peers without appearing too much like street style photographer bait, as Moss told me "I'm not really the type to be hovering around outside Somerset House hoping for a Scandinivian blogger to take my photo, so I'm more about conjuring something up which will let me look at least half chic for a 12 hour and beyond day". 

There are three components to this equation and they go like this:


So right now, that's SS13. Jayne Bibby, from WGSN, is going for "bold and versatile" monochrome. By the looks of the courtyard at Somerset House today, that's quite a consensus Victoria has mixed her SS13 trends- black & white plus florals- into one MGSM jumper. 

Black and white SS13 vibes... in February snow (image via Phil Oh)

Cara Delevingne enjoys her red lip at Marc by Marc Jacobs
Once we're a few days into New York, there are trend starting to emerge which we can have a rumble around our wardrobes, or make-up bags for. The Observer's Helen Seamons is particularly into the Antonio Lopez red lip seen at Marc by Marc Jacobs which will "add polish". Personally, I got out my tartan trousers for yesterday after seeing it in plenty of men's shows back in January- see Lou Dalton- and in some of my favourite pre-fall collections, see Preen. 


Lily Kwong gives good white shirt in NY (image via Phil Oh)
This is the completely non-try hard, anchor of your outfit; the cheery on the sartorial cake. Navy sweaters, jeans and crisp white shirts are probably the very best examples.  Grazia's street style expert Hannah Almassi believes Peony Lim's Manolo Blahnik pumps in every colour are an excellent example. "The best looks will mix Zara and Balenciaga with seamless skill" adds Hannah. Too much pressure? Do as DisneyRollerGirl’s Navaz Batliwalla, "I dress the same as any other day".

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