Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Posted by Bethan Holt, Junior Fashion Editor at Large

It must be so nice to be a Fashion Journalist in a country where the weather is so predictable that you hardly ever need to actually consider it when you're coming up with ideas. You just know that for about six months of the year you write about lovely light, frippery summer things and the other six months is given to coats, woollens, knits and the like. Here in lovely England though, it's a constant unknown; will we be in shorts or sweatshirts next week? Will sunglasses be relevant at all in a month's time? I suppose this predicament does chime with the more general moves in the fashion calendar now to "seasonless" dressing. When a designer is creating a collection to sell everywhere from Paris to Melbourne, it's about covering all potential weather bases. Take Gucci's Resort collection. Traditionally, this would be aimed at spring buying or anyone going on a winter holiday to warmer climes but there is everything from woollen winter coats and polo neck jumpers to silky shorts and dresses.
Quite Wintry: Gucci Resort '14 (image via
Quite Summery: Gucci Resort '14 (image via
Right now, my calendar says it's nearly June but the steaming cup of tea I'm clutching, the extra jumper cuddled round my shoulders and the dismally grey vista from the window really do suggest otherwise. Wardrobe wise, this chilly state of affairs has led to nothing short of a crisis. Having been in a winter coat going on eight months, there's no way we want to carry on traipsing out in that. It's also possibly just not quite cold enough for that any more. And there certainly seems to be minimal prospect of a prolonged stretch of plain nice weather for some time yet. So where does that leave us, fashion-wise? Cold and wet. What we need are spring jackets. An extra layer, perhaps waterproof, which fits with our  other lighter, brighter clothes. These are my favourites...

ASOS £125

3.1 Phillip Lim at Matches £1,070
Zara £59.99

Topshop £175

ACNE at Selfridges £625

ACNE at My-Wardrobe £850
Whistles £95

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