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Posted by Bethan Holt, Junior Fashion Editor at Large

Fendi Peekaboo bag bug
High fashion was once the preserve of very serious clothes. It was straight-faced, not quite sensible but definitely targeted at being investment standard. Obviously there are always exceptions, but for the most part it was all about projecting a certain kind of pulled- together, grown-up vibe. You certainly wouldn't have expected to be able to compare a designer handbag to a character from Rainbow. Fashion has found its sense of humour though; think about gorgeous designer shoes by Charlotte Olympia and Sophia Webster which come with girly, fantastical themes likes carnivals, fairytales and Barbie. Or they way Karl Lagerfeld puts a hula hoop bag on the Chanel runway. Once upon a time, you'd have to go to  joke shop for that sort of thing, now you find it in… Harrods.

Fendi Bag bugs £375 each
This is where Fendi, whose FF logo incidentally stands for Fun Fur, have just opened a pop-up boutique for their Bag Bugs range which is fabulously colourful, fun and Instagram-able (a pretty crucial part of the strategy I'm sure). Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld introduced Bag Bugs for Aw13 and Silvia Fendi herself came up with their names- Snobius, Furyou and Nutty- as they are now a permanent fixture in the Fendi offering. They transform one of those very strait-laced, sensibly purchased handbags into a sweet statement. The only downside is that they are made from real fur. If mink isn't your thing, then the range includes purses, bags and scarves decorated with big, funny bug eyes. I particularly loved the Peekaboo tote which you can close up to look like a sleek, businesslike bag all the while knowing that there's a goggly pair of eyes inside. It reminds me of Zippy, hence the Rainbow reference.
The 2jour bag £1140

Totally amazing Fendi Baguette, bag bugged.

Fendi Bag Bug bags = Zippy dead ringers

More Peekaboo tote (£3720)

Oh and look out for Fendi's bag bug video which goes live on Tuesday, here's the teaser

L'invasion des Bags Bugs de Fendi by VOGUEPARIS

The Bag Bug pop-up is open at Harrods until November 30th- it's so fun, go! Find it through Door 9.

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