Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Posted by Bethan Holt, Junior Fashion Editor at Large

It's like Gap Yah gone good. Proenza Schouler designers Jack MCollough and Lazaro Hernandez have designed an exclusive mini collection for Net-a-Porter as a "thank you" for being one of the first e-tailers to stock their gorgeous label. "It's a riff on the idea of surf-inspired classics like the board short and the Baja pullover, but reinterpreted in luxe fabrics like leather and custom tweeds" said the boys. You will recognise the components- slouchy board shorts, loud prints and woven hoodies- as the classic garb of everyone who takes themselves off to Mexico/ Peru/ Argentina etc. for travelling antics. Usually, they're the kind of thing you wear to death when you're away then cast off the moment you're back because they suddenly seem quite out of place in grey old Blighty. Obviously, with the Proenza magic touch there is no way you'd slob about by a beach bonfire in this stuff, or discard it in any climate. In fact, the monochrome suede board shorts have proved so popular that they've already sold out. As it's pay day but still a while until holiday time, what could be more perfect than pulling on a tie-dye skirt and tee and taking yourself on a Proenza Schouler fashion getaway? Well, that's my fashion fantasy of the day.

Tweed hoodie £1,075

T-shirt £185

Board shorts £1,030

Jacket £975

Skirt £525

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