Monday, April 15, 2013


Posted by Bethan Holt, Junior Fashion Editor at Large

If you are anything like me then this is just the time of year when you are probably starting to get a bit infuriated. That's because now that the clocks have gone forward and there are some weak weather signs (e.g. not snowing) that summer may possibly be on its way, so it it's BIKINI BODY TIME!! This is when numerous interested parties are sure that we must be (and feel) such gallumping elephants beneath the layers of clothes we've been used to shrouding ourselves in for the previous six months that we must be determined to subsist on edamame beans for the next few months and suddenly enact some kind of crazed exercise routine just so that we can fly off to a foreign land and put on two small bits of bright coloured fabric.

We Own the Night, with Nike
That is not what you're reading about here. I just wanted to tell you about a positive, exciting and empowering exercise-related thing that it happening. Nike and Elle are hosting a 10km race, "We Own the Night" in London's Victoria Park on 18th May and it looks like it's going to be really fun. Like actual fun. It's difficult to describe running as fun. Yes, it's addictive and enjoyable when you feel fit and strong and make some unexpected or hard earned progress. If you're injured or tired then it's really miserable. The feeling of getting back from a really great, long run is almost euphoric and life-affirmingly satisfying. But it's quite rare that the entire experience from first step out of the door to final sprint could genuinely be described as proper fun. Until, that is, you add in the Nike factor which means it will be night time and that there will be music and lights. I've been on a Nike rave run before which so full of bright strobes and brilliant tunes that all the plodding boredom which can sometimes set in when you run completely disappeared and I felt like I was in some kind of mad film.

The best thing here is that there's no mention of that tedious bikini body stuff. It's all about being strong, fit, working out with your friends and wearing amazing Nike workout gear (if you want) in the process.  Running can be a lonely sport but Elle and Nike are hosting special training club events which you can go to in the run-up to the race for great motivation. I'm going to make sure I go to a few and will definitely report back.

You can enter the 10k here and find out more about where and when to train here. Oh, and if you need anything else to get you excited about the idea of running then I am currently reading Alexandra Heminsley's new book "Running Like A Girl". If you don't run already, then I'm pretty sure it will make you want to give it a shot, if you do then you will probably mostly cry/ nod/ laugh hysterically at how accurately she describes what it feels like to be a runner.

See you at the start line.

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