Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Posted by Bethan Holt, Junior Fashion Editor at Large

Tasya Van Ree for Genetic denim
Another day, another denim brand. Not that there can ever really be too many jeans options when so many of us see our skinnies and boyfriends as indispensable pillars of our wardrobes. The latest denim purveyor on my radar is Genetic which isn't currently available here but will be coming to the UK in August as part of Harrods' huge denim expansion. The most interesting thing about Genetic? The mission which founder Ali Fatourechi went on to build the philosophy for his denim venture. Iran- born Fatourechi spent a year travelling through 42 cities from New York to Texas. Along the way he interviewed women of all ages and backgrounds to develop what he calls a "subconscious muse" who now informs everything he does with Genetic, from product development to marketing. Research for a business idea is obviously a great way to justify a Gap Year, but it's also telling that Fatourechi recognised the quite intimate way we feel about our denim. I know it's not just me, but 99% of girls out there stress out over finding jeans which fit and look good. That search can be completely soul-destroying, depressing but also in the end (hopefully) leads to that very particular buzz you get from being on a "I look effing awesome in these jeans" high. That Fatourechi considered this for an entire year before starting up his own brand can only be an excellent thing.
Genetic denim SS13
As a way to continue Fatourechi's founding philosophy, Genetic are producing a series of fashion films called "Be You". It's clear that the Genetic approach isn't really about pushing the product, but selling itself as a kind of attitude and lifestyle which also happens to encompass jeans. That's probably quite a savvy approach when there are so many denim brands around now, all making jeans which will be perfect for some people and not so great for others. Not that having brilliant jeans isn't very important. The first subject is Tasya Van Ree, a very beautiful, offbeat and poetic photographer. Her proclamations include such mysterious lines as "I'm part alien, part cowboy, part male, part female... I think you become what you wear". She seems cool with her tattoos, jangling jewellery, fabulous home and sweet puppy. And if you're swayed by celebrity, then Van Ree used to go out with Amber Heard which means you could take lines like "It's like being in love and having your heart broken" as offering some kind of insight into their split. Or not. Anyway, it's a lovely video and if I saw that playing across the shop floor among a sea of denim, then it might just make me head in that direction.

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