Wednesday, December 7, 2011


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Chanel skis £2480 (call 0207 493 5040)
I would love to tell you that in a couple of weeks, these skis and I will be off to spend days attached to one another, speeding through fresh snow and 'earning' copious amounts of mulled wine and hot chocolate. But that is mere fantasy. A girl can dream and Chanel skis are not such a bad place to begin. Although perhaps an actual skiing lesson would be more appropriate. I get the feeling that for those who do take to the pistes, it is just as much about the chic-ness of the attire as it is about the mastery of the black run. And I know that with these powering me along, I would be far more inclined to put in the necessary graft.

I do wish that Mr Lagerfeld would make a ski film- the Chanel monchromes couldn't ask for a more perfect setting than a pristine mountain top. However, he did make 'The Tale of a Fairy' to showcase the label's 2012 Cruise offering which is in store now. The short film stars many Lagerfeld (and FEAL) favourites including Amanda Harlech, Kristen McMenamy and Freja. The Cruise collection's traditional function, to provide the winter holidaying rich with an appropriate wardrobe, could easily be turned on its head to encompass the ultimate skiwear, and apres-ski, pieces couldn't it Karl? Maybe next year?

'If  you've never seen an elephant ski, you've never 

been on acid' Eddie Izzard

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